Hey Neil,Word must've gotten back to you, because I had been intending to write you regarding my positive experience prepping my Mark II for Pebble, and the resulting best-of-class I won.
In any case, just to clarify, the Mark II was actually originally ordered by Henry Ford II (son of Edsel) for his first wife Anne. It has a few unique "one-of-one" features that qualified it for the class at Pebble, not to mention it was the poster car for Pebble Beach this year per the direct-request of Edsel Ford II (it was his mother's car  ).

Anyhow, it's a black car, and I was really sweating what I'd use as a "finish-wax" on it that wouldn't model or swirl or haze. I got your sample of the Triple Play, literally, a few days before I started detailing for Pebble. It seemed very "thin" and watery the way it sprayed-out, which actually seemed PROMISING to me, because I figured it would buff-out with none of the greasiness of a traditional liquid or paste.

I was right, the car came out mind-blowing. Absolutely mind-blowing. I won't name names, but the president of a very well-known and high-end wax company came back to my car three different times to stare at the finish, and commented "unbelievable" with every visit.. I don't know if he was impressed or angry. No, it wasn't Barry Meguiar, I'm talking HIGH END waxes here.. Jay Leno also spent about 10 minutes at the car.

In any case, it got me first in my class, in fact the guy I beat (who took second in the class) was the winner of Best in Show at last year's Pebble. So I knocked-off the reigning champion with your stuff.

Happy to recommend

Rick Schmidt - NPD, National Parts Depot

I first saw Neil Chadwick's Triple Play wax/detailing product on this forum. I thought I would try it. I have had many professionals detail my cars over the years and have paid as much as $400 for someone to clay it, take out the swirl marks, spiderwebbing, etc and sure it looks great when they're done but $400 is pretty steep so I don't do it too often. I have a few orbital buffers, and professional detailing machines but it took forever and I always had to spend time with a paint brush to remove the white wax from the edges of the clear bra, ... I first tried it on my grigio telesto 08 SL which shows spiderwebbing very easily due to its flat but shiny gray color. Neil's instructions to not wash the car but use a little on the car and wipe it off after 10 seconds didn't sound right to me but I tried it. Then you just spray a little more then gently rub it with a sponge with a thin layer of rubber (no hard pressure) then wipe it off with a micro fiber cloth. This process is repeated for the entire car which only took me 20-30 minutes and my car came out amazing! It felt like I clayed it and machine buffed and removed all the white was in the cracks.

This product doesn't leave any white residue to have to clean up, which is great. I used Zymol normally but always had to clean up the residue wax with a brush which takes as long as waxing the car. It didn't have any oxidation grit that would be typically removed by a clay bar. It felt so slick that when I touched it, it didn't even leave any finger print marks or smudges. The finish was like glass and the reflection was so sharp, I could not see any spiderwebbing in the finish. Since I only did it 2 weeks ago (and it is still slick), I don't know how long it lasts. But since it takes no time to redo it, I'm happy even if it only lasts a month. I got carried away and did the rest of my cars myself and I never detail my own cars. I showed to my neighbor who has a special edition corvette and he wanted to buy it but I only had the one bottle. I loaned the bottle to another friend who did his Lotus Esprit and he wanted to buy it also. I did about 6 cars from the one 16 ounce (or so) bottle. I ordered the 2.5 gallon size from Neil for $150 (I think) and he was out of that size so he emailed me that he is sending 3 one gallon containers which I appreciate. I sound like a salesman for him but I am not affiliated with him or this product in any way. I am in SoCal and I think he is in Florida. I thought I would just share my experience since it is rare you actually find something that actually works better than you expect. 

Gary - member Lamborghini-talk.com forum

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